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Risk Management Services is an international safety and risk consultancy providing both risk-based and compliance services internationally.  We specialise in both design and operational fire safety risk management using systems approaches for consistency and to enable audit of wide portfolios.

A wealth of experience is offered across a wide range of industries, providing expertise in life safety, property protection and business or collateral risk management.  Whether we are designing safety systems for new buildings, or assessing operational risk in clients’ existing activities, our services are used in the UK commercial and overseas tourism industries, helping clients to identify exposure, and through accurate risk management to reduce loss potential.

Through networking, a flexible and dynamic resource base can deliver cost-effective services, for both UK and world-wide clients.  We provide risk management in all aspects of design, risk assessment, hazard analysis, compliance inspections or audits, for fire safety, general health and safety, public health & hygiene, and comprehensive loss control.  We can also help you with the specification and project management of remedial work and action plans.




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